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Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Lilly, I am a 4th generation spell caster. I was taught at a very young age by my mother and grandmother in the ways of Wiccan magick. My skills as a spell caster have progressed over the years through caring and dedication to those I help and to myself. My husband, Don, also Wiccan, assists me in most, if not all of our spiritual castings. We try to divide our time equally between my hometown near Detroit, Michigan and his birthplace in San Diego, California; each setting offering its own special spiritual properties to assist our clients. My mother (bless her soul), passed back on 2001. She is largely responsible for our group being the large authentic group we are. She loved traveling and meeting other spell casters/practitioners. Over the years we became very close friends with each member of our group. In fact, it is how I met my husband, Don.

We have made it a priority to have a diverse team to ensure that we have the most experienced, caring and dedicated spell casters available. I do not advocate any one specific type of magic or coven. We believe that by working together we can improve the quality and strength of our positive energy and gather the best knowledge from each Priest and Master, from covens across the globe.

Our team consists of 37 spell casters throughout the world, all connected through web weaving. Each spell caster has a wealth of experience and leads their own respective covens. This melting pot of experts ensures that our clients will receive the most effective results possible. We are an authentic group of real spell casters that truly care about your personal situation and problems. Our team of High Priestess, High Priests, Shaman’s, New Orleans Hoodoo Root work practitioners, and African Voodoo Masters collaborate to produce each spell.

We are located in different locations throughout the world: USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, and Singapore. We each perform our own rituals for each spell requested. As a collective, we all cast each spell personally, giving the most power to our clients’ wishes. We have the experience and the divine knowledge necessary to cast your spells for you so you won’t gamble on do-it-yourself spell-casting kits. In addition, each member of our spell-casting team has learned from their elders with unique spells only passed from word of mouth. Each spell goes through careful consideration for the specific type of magic necessary for the most power and the fastest results.

High Priests and Priestesses are the leaders of their covens in the Wicca religion. As a part of our spell casting team, they are the most experienced leaders of covens and teach others the spell recipes and chants that lead to our powers. These Priests and Priestesses specialize in the art of white magic. When we are ready with the spell mix, we turn it over to our High Priests and Priestesses to bring our spells to life. Without their divine energy our spells would never be as effective, so High Priests and Priestesses are truly a huge part of our team and critical to the success of our spells.

New Orleans Hoodoo Root work practitioners are specifically trained in crystal work and manifesting powers from natural herbs and ingredients. They are able to mix the most potent elixirs for spells that really work; most commonly used are sticks, stones, roots, herbs, dried flowers, oils, and bones. Hoodoo Root practitioners are usually trained by elder masters originating from South Africa. They receive personal guidance and training in the art and pass on only the spells that have worked for generations. Some practitioners also have received guidance from Deities which give their spells a divine purpose that seeks out the truth, karma, and happiness. Without the Hoodoo masters working with us, we would not have the high potent spells that we are currently able offer you. They painstakingly search for the best spells available and experiment with them through trial and error, continuing to make them stronger and more effective.

African Voodoo Masters have been trained under some of the best names, including the legendary Voudou Practitioner/Master Marie Laveau from New Orleans. Decades of experience and consultation with powerful Voodoo Masters have allowed us to cast some of the most powerful spells in existence. Learning from the best spell casters from history and our families, we have obtained the power of divine healing and voodoo witchcraft. The combination of these two types of magic yields a distinct aggressive force not to be reckoned with. The mastery of these African Voodoo teachers has given our spells the advantage over any other spell sites on the Internet. We have been trained from the best teachers who are legendary in their ability to deliver fast, powerful, and effective spells.
The Spells

Each spell consists of:
1. The most potent ingredients 2. Charms and crystals 3. Your information and/or pictures of the people involved in the spell 4. A powerful chant and dance repeated for 3-60 days 5. A coven bringing these materials to life

Each spell casting is repeated with every member of the coven, giving your spell amazing power not achieved anywhere else. If you need some luck, love, healing, protection, money, revenge, or a custom spell, or a lot of spells, we offer it all. Each spell is crafted with the utmost care and consideration. We delve through ancient texts and select the best spells available for your personal situation. We then search for the most potent herbs, flowers, and carefully mix each elixir for the most potent oils, powders, and potions. Combined with these elements, a charm or picture, and a chant, each spell is given extra power for our one of clients. The more you know about the people you wish to cast a spell on, the more power it gives your spell. This is why we ask you to send us any information you may know about each person and even include a picture, if it is available. After this we will then send out positive energy during each ritual that may be repeated multiple times. Some spells work best when repeated for up to nine days.

There are several variables that we take into consideration when casting. Examples are the alignment of the planets, the cycle of the moon and the day of the week; each one offering their own energy to our spells and rituals.
Types of Magic

Black Magic is usually performed for a dark purpose: to cause sickness, bad luck or failure, get rid of enemies, or to somehow destroy for personal gain. Black Magic responds to the desires from the seven deadly sins. Many of our personal gain spells utilize Black Magic, however, they are not used to cause physical harm to another. Most of the spells used to benefit the individual ordering them are called upon by Black Magic. Breaking up spells and revenge spells call upon our sinful desires to set destiny in our own hands. Here at, however, we will never offer a spell that will physically harm another human being. We believe only in positive spells and energy that serve to assist in putting natural balance back into the universe, and do not wish to impose physical harm.

White Magic calls upon the power of the Seven Rays as a spiritual force to cause magic. The most prominent ray is Love and is thought to precede all other sources of inspiration. Where Black Magic calls upon the seven deadly sins, White Magic utilizes the seven rays. Most of the spells used to benefit others or to assist others are said to use White Magic. For example, if you desire to bring two people back together, that is using White Magic because it is not selfish or harmful, there is no personal gain attached to it.

Hoodoo magic originates from South Africa and performs many types of spells. Most spell casters use Hoodoo magic for spells that stem from helping oneself succeed; for example, to gain money, luck, and happiness. Hoodoo spell casters may also be called Root work practitioners and conjurers. This is because Hoodoo magic largely uses roots and natural herbs to help and to heal. Some hoodoo magic practitioners may also be clairvoyant, in which case the “gifted reader” or “spiritual doctor” may help the person solely through praying in a Christian context.

Wiccan magic is a Pagan religion that is largely based on nature. Real Wiccans receive a bad reputation for practicing “evil” magic, but this is simply not the case. Wiccans perform rituals and cast in circles or covens. Wiccas largely believe in the “Threefold Law” which means that whatever spells are cast out, the consequences will bounce back to that person with three times the force. Wiccans usually utilize charms and magic tools for increasing potency of their magic: candles, incense, crystals, and wands. They also believe strongly in the importance of the moon in their rituals.

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