Can't Get a Date Justice Spell

Tired of seeing him or her out on the town flaunting a new date all the time? Want to hear stories of suffering as they sit home alone week after week? Our can’t get a date magick revenge spell ensures that you won’t be running into them with a new date anytime soon. This revenge magick spell makes them totally unappealing to the opposite sex, despite their looks or personality. Women and men will be totally repulsed by them and refuse to go out with them. Many of our customers have combined this revenge magick spell with our split them up spells in order to win their ex’s back! Are you looking to win them back or just making sure that no one else gets them? Let us help you carry out your revenge.

Strong Can't Get a Date Justice Spell Casting By Fire With Chants

1st Degree

Cast 1 time per
night over 3 nights.

Stronger Can't Get a Date Justice Spell Casting By Fire With Chants

2nd Degree

Cast 3 times per
night over 15 nights.

Strongest Can't Get a Date Justice Spell Casting By Fire With Chants

3rd Degree

Cast 8 times per
night over 30 nights.

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“I used the can’t get a date spell on my man because he had a wandering problem and it worked real good. Thank y’all very much.”

-LaTonya Stephenson
Oakland, CA

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Reviews and Testimonial

“After we broke up I couldn’t stand the thought of him dating other females. If I couldn’t have him nobody could have him. It didn’t seem to be working at first but when it did start working he showed back up at my door wanting to get back together. I laughed in his face! He ain’t nothing but a two timing dirty dog.”

-Shantelle Jackson
Henderson, NV