Gift Money Spell

Are you looking for a gift from your special someone? Something to let you know that you are thought about and cared about? Clients have reported back with results that go beyond their expectations. Get a fantastic vacation, a new car or boat, or a simple red rose. If you want someone to give you something, your wish will be granted! One client reported that her husband of 32 years had come home one day with a 3 carat diamond ring for her. He said he saw it passing the jewelry store and just had to buy it. He had never bought her a gift “just because” before!

Strong Gift Money Spell Casting By Fire With Chants

1st Degree

Cast 1 time per
night over 3 nights.

Stronger Gift Money Spell Casting By Fire With Chants

2nd Degree

Cast 3 times per
night over 15 nights.

Strongest Gift Money Spell Casting By Fire With Chants

3rd Degree

Cast 8 times per
night over 30 nights.

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“I just wanted Christmas to be good for my kids. Every year it seems like such a scramble and always with little money to spread around. I thought ahead this year (2012) and had the gift spell cast in October. I am in awe of how fruitful Christmas was this year. My husband got a huge bonus ($10,000.00). We have plenty left over for me to play with!”

-Janet Clutcher
Nashville, TN

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Reviews and Testimonial

“My husband never buys me anything, and I was sick of it. I’m a stay at home mom so I don’t have my own money, really. This spell worked well for me. I got those tickets to the concert I wanted to go to and a nice dinner just before! Good enough for me.”

-Lonna Jefferson
St. Louis, MO