Custom Spells

Custom Spell Package

Our custom spell is a real money saver for our clients that need the extra spell work performed. You can request us cast any of our currently available spells, or have us custom craft one based on your exact requests. Many double or triple a single request for higher concentration. Simply put, more spells throws a harder punch at difficult situations. It’s easy to order custom spells. Take a look at the example spell request below.

An example Custom Spell Request:
1. Split Them Up – X 2
2. Reunite Us – X 2
3. Strengthen Our Love – X 2
4. Renew Our Love – X 2
5. HEX the EX – X 2

In this example, each of the above spells would be cast twice.

Strong Custom Spell Casting By Fire With Chants

1st Degree

Cast 1 time per
night over 3 nights.

Stronger Custom Spell Casting By Fire With Chants

2nd Degree

Cast 3 times per
night over 15 nights.

Strongest Custom Spell Casting By Fire With Chants

3rd Degree

Cast 8 times per
night over 30 nights.

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We are committed professionals and pride ourselves in our work. We have a guarantee that really does mean something.

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Manifestation Promise

“I’m a regular client and purchase castings regularly. Now that I’m on the custom spells package like this I can save money and still get the castings done and they are all customized. I purchase one 3rd degree package a year and use them as I need. Lilly and her team are the best. I love them all very much. Thank you for being my spell casters!”

-Jasper Collins
Charlotte, NC

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Reviews and Testimonial

“It worked, FINALLY! I tried the get back together spell first degree spell casting but my situation was way worse then normal. I don’t want to share the private details but I needed the custom spells Lilly suggested and it really really worked!”

-Benjamin Frye
Baltimore, MD