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Need a little magic? Looking for a real spell that actually works? Our large group of mixed magic (Wicca Witchcraft, Voodoo, Vodou, Vodun, Hoodoo Root Workers, Santeria, and other) real spell casters are very effective. In fact, we cast spells that work immediately in many cases. Our clients get extremely fast results. In fact, most before we are finished casting their spells. We cast real spells that actually work!

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Weight Loss

Are you fatter than fat? Or, maybe you just need to lose a little weight. Our weight loss spell really works. Weight Loss Spells


Bad things happen to good people all the time. Our powerful protection spells work very well protecting you from all the possibilities by creating a vibe around you that bounces these evils away. Protection Spells


Healing Body, mind, and soul; our powerful healings spells will help you reach peak efficiency in physical strength, sharpened skills, and happiness in being who you are. Healing Spells

Stop Smoking

Quit-Stop smoking for good. Our powerful stop smoking spell will help you quit cold turkey. Stop Smoking Spells


Settle your lawsuit out of court now!; Roll right over your ex in family court!; Or any other reason you might need to win in court. Court Spells

Overcome Downfalls

Is fear, anger, or other terrible emotions holding you back from winning in everyday life? Overcome Downfalls Spells

Seductive Spells Guarantee

We are committed professionals and pride ourselves in our work. We at Seductive Spells have a guarantee that really does mean something. Trust our team of professional spell casters with your sensitive situation, because we have a rock solid guarantee and privacy policy.

Seductive Spells Guarantee

“I thought I was cursed! But Lilly explained everything to me. They’d have found anything like that while casting any spell for me. The overcome your downfalls spell and the protection spell make me feel so safe and secure and more competent than I ever did before.

You all have my vote. I am your client for life!”

-Rachel Jewett
El Paso, TX

Seductive Spells Reviews

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Seductive Spells Reviews!

“The weight loss spell really worked for me. I was only about 25 lbs to heavy but I’d lose 5 and gain 6. The personal support Lilly offered along with the spell casting was really good for me. I got rid of every pound and feel better than I ever did before.”

-Jarrett Hickerson
Denver, CO

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