Break Up & Come Back To Me Love Spell

Break up and bring back your soul mate! If you recently lost your love, or long ago, and they are with another, we can break them up and get your ex to come back to you! The Break them up and bring back my lover magic love spell is designed to break up a past lover of yours with their current lover and bring them back to you. It no longer matters who was at fault for the break up. Nor does it matter that they are currently with a new and different lover because this love spell will break them up and they will no longer be a couple.

1st Degree
Spell Casting
Cast 1 Time Per
Night Over 3 Nights
2nd Degree
Spell Casting
Cast 5 Times Per
Night Over 15 Nights
3rd Degree
Spell Casting
Cast 8 Times Per
Night Over 30 Nights
$49.95 $119.95 $179.95

Seductive Spells Guarantee

We are committed professionals and pride ourselves in our work. We at Seductive Spells have a guarantee that really does mean something. Trust our team of professional spell casters with your sensitive situation, because we have a rock solid guarantee and privacy policy.

Seductive Spells Guarantee

“We separated a month prior to finding your website and having the binding and break up and return my lover spells cast. It was really rocky at first but things started to fall into place one by one. She left me for another man, and my stress and anxiety levels were out of control. Being there for me as you guys have is a priceless thing to have on hand. Your team of spell casters are a blessing from god.

Thank you all so much!”

Steven Lunsford
Sydney, AU

Seductive Spells Reviews

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Seductive Spells Reviews!

“Wow, you guys really saved me. He had left me for another woman. I knew I needed help and your spells were my first choice to get that help. I feel so lucky and blessed. I send you all my gratitude for being there for me at my darkest hour.”

Marge Randazzo
Norfolk, VA

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