What can a spell caster tell me about my spell?

August 22, 2020, Author: Lilly

How did my spell go last night? How did my spell go on the first night of the casting? Was my spell a success? Do spell casters feel anything? Is there anything a spell caster can tell me about my spell?

This is a mess of a question. There are tons of psychic spell casters out there and we believe all or at the very least most are fake spell casters. Here at Seductive spells we are all spell casters and none of us are psychic. We rely on our clients to let us know how the spell work is coming along.

We understand the appeal of getting information like this but we refuse to become one of the many fakes out there because we are actually genuine spell casters that cast real spells and care about people. Lying to anyone makes no sense to us.

There’s only one thing we can tell our clients and that is if we run into negative energy while casting for them. In such an event we’d cleanse the negativity and notify our client immediately.

Please also take note that negative energy is not something we sense (we are not psychic). Negative energy shows up in the form of something going wrong while performing our spell casting ritual for you. An example would be we spill something, or trip, etc.

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