Ashra's Fake Propaganda Attack on Seductive Spells

August 20, 2020, Author: Lilly

Ashra has a page on her website about us and we can finally actually publish our response. Yes, Ashra's website and our website has been going round and round for many years. Ashra use to have a video of her looking all powerful with her hair blowing in the wind and because we posted our opinion of her she took it down. Many of Ashra's clients end up coming to us for actual help after wasting money with her. Which is why we posted our opinion of Ashra in the first place. And Ashra has now started paying people to make videos in an attempt to make us look bad (cute girl but clearly a paid actress).

You can't believe anything you read at Ashra's website!

You might ask why I said, "I can finally actually publish our response". Well, the truth is Ashra actually employs hackers to attack competitors and our website fell victim to it many times. This message you're reading today is only available because of the security professionals we had to hire to defend our website. They will say anything to make us look bad and that page on Ashra's site about Seductive Spells shows that 100%. (Yes, we've taken screenshots of it in case Ashra decides to take the page down or change it in some way)

37 Spell Casters

Not that we should actually have to say this, because anyone that actually read what Ashra said about us being a large group of 37 spell casters KNOWS this is an absolute diversion from the fact that we've been successful due to our large group spell casting efforts. Ashra is good at one thing, spreading lies and fear and uncertainty and doubt. But Ashra is not good at making it believable.

Pretentious Ashra's Attack on Lilly's Photo

Oh and FYI it is true, my photo is on that website they say it is. My father was a photographer (god rest his soul) and he did talk me into doing some modeling. However, I am camera shy. Modeling wasn't for me and when it came time to put up this website I felt like that photo my father took was the best one to use. In fact, you might consider that the information about Seductive Spells found on Ashra Spells is attention they're giving us BECAUSE we are successful spell casters.

We hear from many new people a day saying they tried Ashra's Spell and it didn't work.

We've gone through Ashra's website thoroughly and also hear from many of Ashra's clients per day complaining that the spell Ashra cast didn't work. However to be fair, we also hear from many others that never even seen Ashra's website but was scammed by some other spell caster. To anyone that spends their time reading at Ashra's website and actually believes anything they read on Ashra's website, we are sorry to say but you're just another one of Ashra's victims. Until people put on their critical thinking hats Ashra will continue to gain profits. The sad thing is, we prefer to spend our time working with clients and helping them achieve their goals. Instead, because she is publishing this kind of garbage about us we have to spend at least a little time explaining.

Ashra hides behind a website that acts as a vail of honesty and integrity.

Ashra hides behind a website that acts as a beautiful vail of honesty and integrity but can't deliver the results. We don't know anything about Ashra other than the fact that she is clearly running a two bit website full of fake communities and fake postings within the communities. It all looks good on the surface but when you try her out you'll see she fills you full of lies and delivers no results.

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