Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How do I order a Spell to be cast for me and what is the procedure?

First you must decide which spell is appropriate for your specific situation. If you have looked through our various spells and still can’t find the right one, please see the custom spells section and we will create one specifically for you using up to 10 requests in your spell.

Once you have found the one that is right for your situation you will choose your potency by clicking the add to cart button. You will then be redirected to PayPal to enter your information and pay for the spell. Please note that PayPal is a secure form of online payment. Neither we at nor anyone at PayPal ever see your personal financial information. If you want to pay by check, money order, or cash please go here for instructions. We will be notified immediately of your payment if using PayPal.

Once that is complete please email us here, all of the details of your spell such as your name, contact information, other parties involved and the situation. Any additional information such as a picture, dates of birth for the parties involved will be extremely helpful.

Once we have received payment and we have received your spell request. We will forward the information to the others in our circle. Some casters will begin right away and others before midnight in their respective time zone. Your spell will then be cast for the number of days requested.

Q – How long will it take for my spell to work?

Each individual situation works differently. 90% of our clients report back to us with amazingly fast results, sometimes even before we have finished their casting cycle.

Q – Isn’t it wrong to manipulate someone using magick?

If we were manipulating someone and turning them into a puppet then yes it would be wrong. Our energy does not do that. We work with the natural balance of the universe to keep things in order. Our magick can manipulate events so that you will be put in the situations you want to be in. We are in no way brainwashing or manipulating anyone.

Q – Are your spells safe?

Yes, our spells are 100% safe. As a general rule, we only cast positive spells that will never physically harm anyone. We believe in the natural balance of the universe and work with it, not against it. The spells we cast do manipulate events, but do not manipulate or physically harm people. We do live by the three-fold law. Our casters working with revenge spells risk a part of themselves every time they cast but it will not reflect back on you. If you have us cast a revenge spell and change your mind later you can request us cast a reversal. We never charge for reversals.

Q – I heard it will come back to hurt me if I cast a revenge spell. Is this right?

No magick that we perform will ever come back against our clients. We use safe methods to ensure that no negative energy returns to you. Our revenge spells still work within the balance of the universe and redistributes bad karma to where it came from.

Q – How do I use my free spells once I have ordered?

Simply email us your initial spell request and the information for your free spells. You can use your free spells to reinforce your initial purchase or for entirely different spells. It is completely up to you. If the request of your free spell is not received within 24 hours, we will use them towards your initial spell request to increase potency.

Q – I feel really bad about the bad luck spell I cast. Is there anyway to reverse it?

Yes there is. We will happily reverse any spell you have cast at any time. Free of charge!

Q – If I need to talk to someone after I order my spell, will there be anyone available to me?

Yes, we personally respond to every email we receive within 24 hours. We are usually standing by to help assist you immediately but occasionally it will take a bit longer. Your spell also comes with unlimited counseling until you get results.

We apologize, but we no longer offer telephone support. We work with so many clients that we have found it to be extremely difficult and very time consuming to manage and found that we were providing less people with support by being on the phone. In addition offering telephone support limits the number of spell casting slots, forcing us to charge a lot more money for our spells. When you personally deliver us your requests in an email, all of our spell casters get a chance to review it to gain a good understanding of your wishes. It also helps us to all stay in contact about your situation to give all of the casters (not just one person on a phone) your personal perspective.

Q – Will my spell still work if my situation is really difficult? Is one spell enough?

Yes, our spells work for everyone’s situation regardless of the difficulty level. One spell is enough, however, many purchase multiples of the same spell for the same issue (See our custom spell section for money saving tips). Having us cast multiple spells for the same situation increases the spell energy around their situation, thus creating a bigger impact.

Q – What if you don’t have what I need for my situation?

If you can not find what you are looking for though the various love, money, revenge and other spells offered on the site, please see our custom spells section to have something made personally for you and your situation.

Q – How will my order show up on my credit card statement?


Q – I don’t have a credit card, can I mail my payment?

Yes, you can send us your payment in the mail to:

Universal Solutions
7111 Dixie Hwy #375
Clarkston, MI 48346 USA

(The other PO Box’s in San Diego & Los Angeles, CA; New York & New Jersey, NY; Dallas & Houston, TX; Sydney Australia; Leeds, UK; Cancun, MX; Mumbai, India; and all others are being forwarded)

Checks & Money Orders are *NOT* accepted. We also do *NOT* accept wire transfers or any other type of transaction that requires us to go to some establishment to pick up the money.

You are welcome to send cash in any currency. Please ensure that you wrap it in paper so that it cannot be seen through the envelope.

Q – Will my spell still work if someone cast a hex spell on me?

Yes, our magick spells will work if someone has cast a hex on you. However, the possibility of a hex spell must be considered and accounted for when casting spells. If you suspect that a spell has been cast upon you please let us know prior to casting and we will cast a cleansing spell to remove any magick that is not ours prior to your requested spell.

Q – How does spell casting work?

Spell casting is an art form that our casters been working in their entire lives. Some spells require some meditation time and a chant; others require herbs, candles and scents that we use to create special potions and elixers. The potions and elixers are then used to perform the spell casting ritual. Spells can be performed individually or in a circle of Wiccans usually at an alter or a place of natural magick. Spell casting sends powerful spell energy that concentrates around you and the others involved in your situation so that events in time bend to your will.

Q – How do I Contact The Spell Casters

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or comments. We are very good listeners and offer great advice that has time and again proved to truly help sort out difficult situations and requests. It is also very helpful for us to understand exactly what is happening so we can create the perfect recipe and perform the correct ritual for your spell casting.

Our standard turn-around time on emails is 24 hours; however we are almost always standing by to personally respond to your emails. We truly care about our clients, which is why your situation will be reviewed by all 37 of our spell casters before we cast your spell.

Contact Us Here

Be sure to check your junk mail folders for our reply. We do have problems receiving email from AOL from time to time.

It is also a very good idea to add our email address to your email address book or contact list so that we do not get blocked by your spam guard.

Q – I've tried many other spell casters with no results, and I'm skeptical due to this fact. Will it get in the way of your spell castings?

We don't suggest anyone use us or any other spell caster online if they are skeptical. We suggest they use someone local to them that will do a face to face spell casting. This way, your own skepticism won't get in the way of the spell casting. It really is true that faith and belief in spells and the spell casters casting your spells are critical elements in any successful spell casting. It doesn't make any sense to have a spell cast without it.

Q – Will we work with someone that is skeptical?

We will still work with someone if they are skeptical. But only if the skepticism can be left outside our door. We work very closely with our clients and positive affirmations go a long way. We understand that nobody can be completely positive 100% of the time but it is important to be at least trying. We will always be there for you. You can always expect a reply to your emails and they are usually very prompt. Again, we actually care about people.

Q – Will we PROVE that we are real spell casters in order to get someone to try our spell casting service?

No way! Why? Because of the above paragraph about faith. AND because I'd question the "proof" provided by a so called "spell caster" offering any kind of "proof" that they are a real spell caster in order to gain your trust and business. I'd also be completely turned off by the attempt at insulting my intelligence. I am a spell caster, though, and I know this. I also know that most people looking to have a spell cast do not know this. Which is why getting this message out is so important. We suggest a person looking for a real spell caster to cast a spell on their behalf to ask questions and use your own good judgement and common sense.

Q – I have sent several emails and have not gotten a response. Why?

There can be several different reasons for this.

If you have not added our address there is a chance that we are getting caught in your spam filter. If you have added out address, please check your spam settings to ensure that we are not a “blocked” address. We have great difficult receiving and sending to AOL addresses. Their spam filter is very touchy.

If you question has already been answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page, there is a possibility that we will not respond as it takes up precious time we could be using to respond to requests and concerns.

There is the possibility that we did not receive your email. If you have not heard from us within 24 hours, please Contact Us Here.

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