Break Them Up Justice Spell

Did someone take your man (or woman)? Decided you don’t really want them but of course, don’t want the one that stole them to have them either? This spell has been used many times over to split up couples around the world. Many of our clients have used our split them up revenge magick spell when they actually want to get back their ex, but want them to suffer a bit first. Another popular request comes from parents wanting to remove their kids boyfriend or girlfriend. Have you found that your teen is dating someone who is way below your standards? We can help you out. Our split them up revenge spell will split up two people of your choice. Couple with a Bad Luck and make the break permanent.

1st Degree
Spell Casting
Cast 1 Time Per
Night Over 3 Nights
2nd Degree
Spell Casting
Cast 5 Times Per
Night Over 15 Nights
3rd Degree
Spell Casting
Cast 8 Times Per
Night Over 30 Nights
$49.95 $99.95 $149.95

Seductive Spells Guarantee

We are committed professionals and pride ourselves in our work. We at Seductive Spells have a guarantee that really does mean something. Trust our team of professional spell casters with your sensitive situation, because we have a rock solid guarantee and privacy policy.

Seductive Spells Guarantee

“I wanted her gone and your spell casters did just that.

Mission Accomplished! I’ll definitely call on your spell casting services in the future.”

-Julia Fahey
Roanoke, VA

Seductive Spells Reviews

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Seductive Spells Reviews!

“She left me for some jerk at her work. I knew something was wrong. She just wasn’t interested anymore. She’d always have something else to do, or create some diversion from having any contact with me. I thought it was something I did but it wasn’t. This guy at her work had been having problems in his marriage and was trying to “jump ships” so to speak. And she was considering it until I had your team of spell casters break them up.”

Harry Zamora
Newark, NJ

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