Court Spell

Settle your lawsuit out of court now!; Roll right over your ex in family court!; Or any other reason you might need to win in court. Our win in court spell really works and guarantees things will go your way. Don’t go to court without the insurance our spell offers.

1st Degree
Spell Casting
Cast 1 Time Per
Night Over 3 Nights
2nd Degree
Spell Casting
Cast 5 Times Per
Night Over 15 Nights
3rd Degree
Spell Casting
Cast 8 Times Per
Night Over 30 Nights
$39.95 $79.95 $169.95

Seductive Spells Guarantee

We are committed professionals and pride ourselves in our work. We at Seductive Spells have a guarantee that really does mean something. Trust our team of professional spell casters with your sensitive situation, because we have a rock solid guarantee and privacy policy.

Seductive Spells Guarantee

“I won the case and they didn’t put my dog to sleep! I am happy to know you and the rest of the spell casters are there for me when I need you. Thank you so much!”

-Angela Viney
Los Angeles, CA

Seductive Spells Reviews

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Seductive Spells Reviews!

“He owed 60,000.00 in Back Child Support and he wasn’t doing nothing but ducking and running from the debt. Your spell not only won the case but my ex now takes the time to see his son. Thanks guys!”

Jenny Kershaw
Los Angeles, CA

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