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Spell Ordering Instructions
What information do we need to cast for you?

The full names, dates of birth, and current city of residence of all involved in the spell casting we will be performing for you. Please also include a detailed description of the situation where applicable. We also request photos but can work without them.


We can work with missing information. However, please be sure to give the information you do have accurately as having inaccurate information can have an adverse effect on the works.

Payment Methods

Checkout is fast, easy, and secure through PayPal at the above links.

After you place your order through PayPal you’ll be redirected to our thank you page where you can fill in the information we need to cast for you.

We can usually begin casting the same night an order is made, and we make all attempts to do so. However, if an order comes through too late in the day we won’t be able to begin until the next night.

Other Methods of Payment

We also accept payments using Cash, Checks, and Money Orders.

To mail in Cash, a Check, or Money Order please use the following address:

Universal Solutions
7111 Dixie Hwy, #375
Clarkston, MI 48346-2077


Spell Casters
Manifestation Promise

We are committed professionals and pride ourselves in our work. We have a Manifestation Promise that really does mean something.

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Spell Casters
Manifestation Promise