Spell casting proof with pictures!

Posted on: March 19th, 2014
by Spell Caster Lilly

Spell Casting Proof is nothing but fake spell casting proof. Do we offer proof of our casting a spell for you? Maybe take pictures or video of where I cast spells while spell casting for you so that you have spell casting proof?

Spell Casting Proof is NOT offered at Seductive Spells.

Why don’t we offer spell casting proof? Spell casting is a very private ritual and where I cast spells is sacred to me (and the rest of our spell casters). I would never bring someone into where I cast spells by offering spell casting proof (even if it is just a camera or video recorder). It would taint the sanctity of my profession and the grounds where I cast spells, and even worse, my spells would simply stop working for people if we offered spell casting proof with pictures or video.

The fake spell casters know we don’t offer spell casting proof. It’s such nonsense and the fake spell casters use spell casting proof as a tactic to ruin our reputation.

Take our word for it, or not. It is your choice ultimately. However, I wanted to make sure I put our two cents into the conversation so that people can make informed decisions in regards to spell casting proof.

We have clients we’ve been working with for decades and they still come to us for a spell casting for various reasons and have never required spell casting proof. The need for proof of spell casting is like asking a tv manufacturer to offer proof of how they work. Yes, you can take a factory tour, but this is not a tv manufacturer. We are spell casters and do not offer spell casting proof.

We worry that potential clients will shy away from us by not offering spell casting proof, but if the fakes are publishing “spell casters that don’t offer proof are fake” we have no choice but to explain this quandary being created by posting our own statement regarding spell casting proof.


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