Call Me Spell Scam

Posted on: February 27th, 2012
by Spell Caster Lilly 2 Comments

Call me spells! Are they real? Actually, “call me spells” are not real spells. In fact, the scammers are using “call me now spells” to perform a common scam.

Will your phone ring? Yes.

Will the caller id show the right number? Yes.

Will you actually get to talk to anyone? No.

The scammers are using sites like to pull this scam. These fake spell casters will tell you they can get someone you want to call you–to actually call. And the call really does come through. But it is not really coming from the person you wanted to call you and they never have anything to say because the scammers can’t fake someones voice.

It’s very sad and we want to make the public more aware of this particular scam as it is very common.

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous Commenter says:

    I fell for this scam and would love to name the fake spell casters that did it but I promised Lilly I wouldn’t. To anyone else that fell for this scam I say, don’t be embarrassed. The fake spell casters running this scam are very clever.

  2. Anonymous Commenter says:

    I fell for it too. I can’t believe how far these people will go to make a buck. I wonder how many other people they’ve done this too. I’m sure glad you are publishing this so that everyone can see for themselves how bad it is.